Trying out this thing called a Blog?!

Laurie Stavne

For those that know me well, they know that I rarely write about things that call too much undo attention to myself. I usually let others be all creative and wordy and dazzle others with their prose. For me to write a blog post to somehow magically increase my website SEO's also seems quite daunting. What do I write about, what do folks want to know, will they want to know about the daily grind of running a farm, about the various things that are splashed all over my coveralls, or what's stuck to my boots on any given day....hmmmmm....I don't know? But, as with all things in life, you don't know how it's going to go until you actually put up, shut up and just do it. So, without further ado. 

LARK Weaving - The Blog!! Consider yourself forewarned!

How did LARK Weaving start?

Seems like a good place to start and it's a question I get quite often. The short answer is, it started with a Facebook post for a free 8 shaft loom. Before that ad, I had never seen a loom. At all, anywhere! I didn't know they were a thing and that tea towels were something that just magically appeared. You know, at Walmart. Sigh. This is truly an embarrassing statement. BUT after acquiring a free loom and oodles of free weaving yarn, I thought I had better start googling that sort of thing, STAT! 

Well as things turn out, as you travel down the weaving rabbit hole, you find out this big wide universe called, the Fibre Arts. Da...da...daaaaa! And what an adventure it has been. Weaving turned into spinning, which meant that I needed wool, then fleece, and then of course the sheep to make the wool and then a couple more looms and spinning wheels because you know they are flock animals just like sheep are. Can't have just one, they get lonely!

4 years in and I've got a working knowledge of weaving, 3 looms, turned out the be quite good at the spinning thing and now have 3 spinning wheels, and can even manage to keep sheep happy and healthy, for the most part. 

Now that I have some of my homegrown wool back from the Custom Woolen Mills near Carstairs Alberta, I am ready to put it out there for you to enjoy. Watch for some experiments in yarn sales, dyed yarns, spinning kits, maybe even some little weaving kits for those who want to learn how to weave tapestries. The adventure awaits and I am hoping to include you along in that adventure by receiving your feedback on what you would like to see. If I get enough requests in a certain area, I will consider possibly venturing in that direction. As long as it makes me happy and keeps food on my table, I'll consider what I'm doing a success and any friends I make along the way will be an added bonus!

Voila! My first blogity blog!