100% Wool Yarn and Roving

I'm Laurie Stavne and this wool is from my little flock of Romney/Blue Faced Leicester/Rambouillet ewes in Peace River, Alberta, Canada. After raising cattle for 10 years, I decided that I needed some sheep to further enhance our farm and support my love for weaving, knitting and crocheting. I started with a tiny flock of three Romneys in 2018 and decided to cross them with other sheep to further enhance their wool quality and add some extra vigor.  

This batch of yarn/roving is my first, so I hope to expand my list of offerings in future years with more varieties but for now, the 2-ply DK seems to be the nicest fit for a broad array of knitters and crocheters so I am starting with that!

My yarn and roving has been lovingly washed, processed or spun at Custom Woolen Mills near Carstairs, Alberta. They specialize in woolen yarns that result in gorgeous finished products. I will have a limited quantity each year. Next year, I hope to add wool from my tegs, young home bred ewes who are about to enter the breeding flock. This yarn will be made from their first fleece, shorn for the first time, so it is softer and more luminous. My currently ewe yarn is creamier in colour and a stronger fibre. The staple is between 3-5 inches which adds extra strength and durability to the yarn.

When knitted, woven or crocheted, the wool appears semi-lustrous with a light halo. It has a "traditional" hand at first with a firm texture but softens well as it is worked and blocked. It is pure and undyed which leaves you with the option of dyeing the skeins for your own colour work, or you can leave it in its natural state for a subtle, classic look. 

My sheep are grass fed for most of the year and supplemented with oats for extra energy during lambing season. They have access to minerals year round and treated to vegetables every once in a while. During the summer months they enjoy free ranging in their pasture with both green grass and hay to snack on, and in the winter they have access to hay bales of timothy and alfalfa and access to a nice cozy barn and sheds to escape the elements, although they seem to prefer the outdoors for most of the year.

Thank you for your interest in my girl's yarn:)


Romney, is a hardy dual purpose breed of sheep (excellent wool and meat characteristics) whose wool sits in the medium range, and grows between 5-9 inches annually. They sometimes need shearing twice a year, depending on wool growth. They have excellent hooves that are resistant to hoofrot and do great in wetter weather.

Blue Faced Leicester sheep are a long wool breed whose wool has a finer micron count and is less dense than the Romney's fleece. The BFL fleece is popular with handspinners because of it's fineness, lustre and length of staple.

The Rambouillet is a breed of sheep also know as the Rambouillet Merino or the French Merino. It is a dual breed sheet known for their superior wool and near-mutton breed characteristics.